Transit_diploma work

June 22, 2006



multimedia installation

Barcsay terem, Academy of Fine Arts Budapest, Hungary


I was dealing with the issue how people communicate during travelling. I tried to show the viewers this special
feeling what does it feel like leaving the starting point but not reaching the finish yet. Travelling feels like being nowhere.
In the installation you can sit on the seats of an old Hungarian train. You hear a very monotone sound during this. As you
sat there, the sound is changing to a slower audio recording. It turns out that it was a conversation.
Those conversations were recorded by me during a long long trip. If we stand up and leave, the conversations
will be getting faster again, and it becomes very monotone like the sound of a real train. You can see a wall made of
wood between the seats. There is a window on it with a projection. In the image you can see a painted landscape and
you see some text on it like subtiteles.
The ashtrays, the window and the garbage cans are set on the wall in a funny combination, in funny places.But I think
that those elements have a special “train-atmosphere” and they effect so strong that they seem to be quite normal.

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