residency in Prague

April 16, 2008

Školska Gallery/ Open Studios project

Visegrad Fundation residency

april -june 2008

(some pictures of me working)

The main idea is a computer based installation which is dealing with graffiti art. People who support graffiti/street art morally -now they can try out without any risk how it feels like being dangerous. In a projection you will see the backgroud images. You can choose one of them and write a message on the bulidings. A small animated character is writing out your messages. A saved and printed version would be nice ….this is in progress.

Concept/idea/photos/video recordings: Kata Huszár

Programming: Robert Langh

The installation will be presented in Skolska gallery/Prague on the 26th June 2008. Hopefully I can show how it works….and tell you about my previous and recent works.

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